N o  M a t e r i a

Venezuelan Design / 2020

NOMATERIA 2020 -Balance Industrial Design in Venezuela The scope. In this 4th edition of NOMATERIA, we present 28 objects referring to different scenarios where the phenomenon of design occurs. This is a selection of objects that build diverse narrative and connections with people. NOMATERIA pins on, among other things, a map of nation atomized by an exodus. It showcase Venezuelans working on industrial design both inside and beyond the borders of a country exhausted by the continuous dismantling and deterioration of the basics conditions for wellbeing and progress but whose citizens, in spite of it all and wherever they may be , remain strong and talented. This is a series of objects aiming to present a possible scope os the field of industrial design, and of Its presence in everyday life.

Lluvia Lamp by Anabella Georgi
Altar by Anabella Georgi and Kiara Matos