Tepuy / Salto Angel Pitcher

by Onotocollab

New collaboration with Kiara Matos Studio

This design has been inspired by Tepuis, which are table-top mountains found in the Guiana highlands, especially in Venezuela and Guayana. The word means both mountain or “house of the gods” in the native tongue of the Pemon,
the indigenous people who inhabit the Gran Sabana and Canaima.
These plateaus are rather small and isolated which allows for them to host a unique array of endemic plant and animal species. Given their isolation no Tepuy’s ecosystem is equal to the other making them very special in terms of biodiversity. Rising abruptly from the jungle, they create a unique natural land- scape. Angel Fall, the worlds tallest waterfall, originates from the Auyantepuy.

Given that about 85% of Tepuis are in Venezuelan territory, Venezuelans have a sense of pride and ownership in relationship to them.

Consisting of 3 sub-sets and a pitcher, this new design reflects on the scene the Tepuis are located. The shapes recall the Tepui’s abrupt rise and very flat top; the stacked groups look like the Sabana’s landscape and the color choices recall those of the rock, the vegetation and the crossing fog.
The central set is comprised of 3 stacking pieces: one deep bowl, a medium bowl and a platter that can also work as a cover for either bowl. This set can be complemented by 2 sets of plates and bowls consisting of 4 pieces each, also stackable.

The pitcher plays the roll of an accent piece. Named aer the world’s largest waterfall, it reflects its height and verticality. It has 2 deep incisions in matte glaze finish that serve for an ergonomic hold in lieu of the handle. Finally its liquid pouring function completes the idea of a waterfall.

The shape of each piece is very simple and mostly white, each piece has a glossy colored inside which makes it playful, and the glossy finish also makes for a durable surface. The outer wall of each piece has two areas of matted color on bas-relief that allow the pieces to be held easily and in a secure way, while creating a simple yet bold detail.
* The ability to stack makes the set ideal for small spaces as well as easy to store and transport.

Design and responsibility
As Venezuelans designers, they wish to use this piece to help sound an alarm. The region of the country where the Tepuis are located is theoretically protected, but it is under the serious threat of poorly regulated mining. This
illicit activity is dramatically disturbing the ecosystem, poisoning the water and displacing its native peoples.
It is the interest of this pair to turn the world’s attention to this valuable place, its ecosystem and cultural importance, in the hope that measures are taken to ensure it is protected.