c o l l e c t i o n s

Emotions and memories create objects with a soul,
I see my designs as a medium to give a message.

Ritmos / stool • textile

" Colors and shapes create visual rhythms that give the object emotion inspired by Latin American culture “

Selva / armchair

"SELVA is a call to take care of our nature, our indigenous and our traditions." 

Lluvia / lamp   

"Light for a better world. "  

Lupita / chair

"Childhood memories to enjoy special times."

Alma / stool • lamp

“Soul unifies as an individual, goes beyond the material, gives life and movement to a specific shape.” 

Fuga / chair

“Inspired by the hammock, Fuga recalls the importance of taking time to relax.”

Trama / chair

“Colorful creativity for efficient use of material in production."

Alma / lamp