B i o g r a p h y

Anabella Georgi is a Venezuelan Designer based in Berlin. Dedicated to explore the world of contemporary furniture , object design and graphics. She is known for working with many materials, transforming  vivid and colorful shapes and textures into functional furniture and household objects. Anabella graduated from Prodiseño Visual Communication Institute in Caracas, Venezuela in 1998. As a student, she won the Design Distinction in Student Work award, given by the prestigious design magazine ID, for her participation in the project "Venezuela Inc." with the redesign of the Venezuelan paper money. Taking design as a medium to give a message of her Identity and values is still present in Anabella Georgi's design. After working for a several years in the graphic field, she decided to create a line of accessories, which later evolved into her first line of furniture. Being Born and raised in Venezuela has had a lot of influence on her designs. From the country’s Indigenous Crafts to it’s Kinetic Art. Smells, flavors, sounds, light, nature, contrast, rhythms, all together are transformed into design elements. Her passion to explore different solutions opens the path to create her own language. Her designs have its own identity, displaying the joy and dynamism of the Latin American culture. To the present, Anabella works with artisans, combining design and craft disciplines exploring new ideas and materials to enable both beauty and function. The search for materials leads her to mix the handmade with the industrial creating new possibilities and looks for new ways to revive them into unique textures and fabrics. She understands the economic importance of craftsmanship for small communities, the strength they have as an expression in our culture and the nobility of materials.  With each of her designs, you discover a playful world full of mixtures, contrasts and rhythms. Her creations have been part of exhibitions in Latin America, Europe and the United States.