f i b r a

chairs • Lamp • design collaboration with máximaduda

"Fibra overcomes the limits between the: modern and the primitive, industry and the artisan, the dynamic and the static, the hard and the flexible."


Fibra is an experiment with Moriche, fiber elaborated by the etnia Warao from the Delta of Venezuela. We create three pieces as a study of the possibilities of the material.  With the FIBRA project we saw how identity charged with tradition, warmth, nobility and eroticism, and it is seductive due to its organic forms.

Misses / chairs 

Misses are an experiment with a classic design from BKF-Chair (Butterfly Chair) from Argentinier Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan und Jorge Ferrari and Moriche, fiber elaborated by the etnia Warao. It is with a reutilization or innovation of a traditional indigenous material mixed with a modern icon structure to create a contemporary form. Fibra is a collaboration project of Anabella Georgi with Maxima Duda. 

Made from different layers of moriche that generate spaces where light can penetrate forming contrasts, transparencies and textures. Their elegant volume inspires a feeling of protection; the comfort upon sitting is almost maternal since the moriche layers coddle you softly thanks to the nobility of the material. 

Culebra / Lamp 

Culebra is part of the experiment with Moriche. In this piece we interweave metallic wire to Moriche textile to give it a rigid structure. As a result we create a flexible and organic structure allows people to interact and mold the shape of the lamp generating different volumes.

Misses Chairs / Culebra Lamp